Creatives needs to be intellectuallyrestles.

The exploration phase

I believe in stories, And the power they have, to help us understanding the world that surround us. Through the stories we tell, We embrace the experience, of something elemental and timeless. We know, that a simple but powerful story, Can make the difference between a product, and an inspiring experience. Still, It’s a hard work to put a sequence of events, into a meaningful and compelling storytelling. But, it’s a passionate one, handmade, Carefully crafted in time. That’s why I love this job. Through many years of working on television and advertising I learned a thing or two, about the way to reach people, in an engaging and effective way. But there’s one thing you can’t forget: Stories should be about the people, their dreams and struggles, and everything that’s in between. And stories are out there, everywhere.

You may want to get lost every now and then. This is my method.

Setting the mood

Photography has the incredible power to convey stories. Working out there with your camera requires you to let your ego aside, to discover what makes every situation unique. If you spend enough time out there, hopefully you’ll find an idea or two. Move on. Now it’s time to convert the raw material into useful forms.I always select imagery reflecting the mood of the proyect im working on, just to put some faces over ideas. But, usually, it's more than that. Much more.


Add some video

No need to be cinematic, you just need to communicate that thrill that makes an idea chase you relentlessly, day and night. It's just something more. But if you have an idea, some concepts and a good trailer, then you can go out into the world. Just try to be sure that you display your idea with clarity and style.I'm always figuring out ways to capture a vision, so people can get on board. To turn every project I complete into something I love. It's your idea, you'll now where to stop.